Acts 11:1-18 – August 6, 2006

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This is the official date that I started teaching at Time in the Word in the place of Pastor Carl Naldrett. Pastor Carl ran into some serious health issues and could not carry on leading in Time in the Word, so he asked me to lead. Time in the Word is the Adult Sunday School class at Riverside Vineyard.

For every section that we study, questions are given out the previous week. I will list out those questions, the possible (key is possible) answers and the discussion that we had in class. All questions are to provoke you to thought and to ask the Lord for direction and wisdom in your life. The purpose of this study is not to skim over the Bible, but to put yourself in the different cities that Peter, Paul, Barnabas, and Silas travel to and to understand and experience what they go through.

Be prepared!!!!!  We will be getting into a lot of meat of the Bible so that we can grow as Christians.  We need to expand ourselves and see that God is much bigger than previously thought.

This section of Acts is where Peter defends his vist to the Gentiles.

Q1) We see that there is a conflict between Peter and the Israelites in these verses. How would you describe the way Peter diffused the conflict?

Q1 -Answer) advocacy -Peter gave a clear and honest description of events. interpretation – Peter filled in the gaps of what they heard – and did all of this with gentle persuasion

There was discussion about this that Peter had changed from before the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus to this chapter. Peter had matured and was not as hot headed and did things as off the cuff as he used to.

Q2) In verse 3, there are those that contend with Peter. What was at the heart of this contention?

Q2 Answer) A possible movement was circulating that Peter was stained by the Gentiles and therefore should forfeit his apostleship.

There was some discussion that concerned this and how this is happening in churches in America and causing splits and divisions.

Q3) Was there a change in the heart of Peter’s upbringing and the way that he viewed the Gentiles? Explain your answer.

Q3 Answer) Yes there was. Peter defended what God had shown him in the trance in Acts 10:10-19, that no one was to call common or unclean what God has now called clean.

There was much discussion about how this created a crossroads in Peters life, since he had to now go against all Jewish customs and training that he had all his life about clean vs. unclean animals and also about Gentiles.

Q4) What was the incident that Peter explains in which the hearts of his accusers turn (HINT: look at verses 16 and 17)?

Q4 Answer) the baptism of the Holy Spirit for the gentiles

It was pointed out that this is the second baptism of the Holy Spirit in Acts and it was for the Gentiles.

Q5) Contrast Peter facing his accusers (new foundling church leaders) and Jesus facing His accusers (Pharisees). What happened in each situation to the accusers?

Q5 Answer) Peter – accusers had a change of heart and glorified God – Jesus – accusers had a mob mentality and kept it up

Here we had some discussion about that these are a couple of ways that accusers will react to the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was noted that Jesus had to endure His accusers in order to go the cross and die for our sins.

This was the first time that questions were presented in this manner and the class enjoyed this style of learning. Everyone voted to continue to do this type of learning in Time in the Word.


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IT – IE7 & Stedman’s Dictionary Acts 11:19-30 – August 13, 2006

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