Acts 11:19-30 – August 13, 2006

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For this study we will use the following map:


Q1) Why is Antioch so important in these verses?

Q1 Answer) Antioch is the first city outside of Israel to have a church planted in it.

It was noted during discussion time of this question that Antioch became a home base for Paul and Silas in future chapters of Acts. Also looking at the map, by land it was hard to get to Israel from Europe unless you went through Antioch.

Q2) Where is Antioch?

Q2 Answer) It is a port city in present day Syria.

With all the happenings that are going on in Iraq it was interesting about the conversations that took place about the first church in a Gentile nation being in a current Islamic and Arabic nation.

Q3) How far was Antioch from Jerusalem?

Q3 Answer) Antioch was about 300 miles north of Jerusalem.

Here we stopped and pondered about walking 300 miles north of your current location to a place that the Holy Spirit told you to go. That was not a simple 5 hour car drive. This was a multiple day journey, at least 7 days.

Q4) Where is Tarsus?

Q4 Answer) It is a port city in Turkey that is another 150 miles north of Antioch.

More discussion about walking a long distance and the time that a person would have talking with the Lord or thinking about things. It was mentioned that we as Americans have a tough time of focusing if we have to spend more than 30 minutes in a car to get somewhere, but Peter and Barnabas were focused in their travels.

Q5) In verse 19 it states that the Word was preached only to the Jews. Why is this?

Q5 Answer) The cultural barrier had not yet been blown apart by Peter, Barnabas, or Paul.

Though Peter did preach to Gentiles (namely Cornelius) it was due to Cornelius coming to him. Peter and Barnabas still had cultural barriers that had to be eliminated from them to reach the Gentiles, even though Barnabas was from a Gentile city. The Lord was moving them towards this crossroads in their life.

Q6) What is the significance of both Barnabas and Saul staying in Antioch for one year?

Q6 Answer) church planting, do away with pagan thinking by those that lived in Antioch, and accountability

We discussed how there was not only a focus on salvation for the Gentiles but also discipleship and how to do away with pagan customs and become a new creation in Christ.

Q7) What is the significance of the fledgling church in Antioch helping out those in Judea?

Q7 Answer) It was an example of no matter the age or size of the church or the person that we need to help out when we can.

Interesting discussion followed about how those in Antioch did not flaunt that they helped their older sister church out but that they did this with a joyful attitude.


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