Acts 12:1-19 – August 20, 2006

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Q1) What similarity is there between the time of year of the death of Jesus and that of James?

Q1 Answer) It was during the Passover.

It was mentioned and there was much talk about how the Jewish people came from all over the world to Jerusalem during this festival.

Q2) In verses 7 and 8 why did the angel give Peter explicit instructions on what to do?

Q2 Answer) Peter was asleep and not sure what to do when he awoke. He was also overwhelmed at seeing the angel.

Some points were brought up during this discussion. One point was that Peter was obviously in a very deep sleep since the angel had to strike Peter on the side. Another point was that Peter had complete faith in God in that while being in prison and hearing/seeing that James was executed, Peter fell into an extreme deep sleep.

Q3) What is significant about what Peter says in verse 11?

Q3 Answer) In verse 9 Peter states that he thought it might have been a vision but he know nows that it is a miracle.

The thought was brought to our attention that this is the way with Christians at times. We go through something thinking that it is one way, but when we arrive at the other end we realize that it is something completely different.

Q4) In verse 13, the girl Rhoda recognizes Peter by his voice but does not open the gate for him. In our lives, what can we liken this to?

Q4 Answer) In our eagerness to see prayer answered or a miracle we sometimes do things that are unkind to others.

This thought was further expounded by showing how the girl debated with those inside the house instead of answering the door and letting Peter in. Sometimes in our enthusiasm, we may be rude or gruff with someone who is seeking the Lord or searching for Jesus as their Savior.

Q5) We see the unbelief in verse 15 of those that were praying, which can lead us to see that our prayers can be answered even though we don’t believe that they will. What is the significance of the last thing that these people said to the girl in verse 15 that it was Peter’s angel?

Q5 Answer) Some versions of the Bible see this as a guardian angel. According to Daniel 10:10-21 it was a common belief that right before someone’s death that their guardian angel would warn those that the person loved.

Not much discussion on this question except that since it is in the Bible it must have been a belief that was common back then.

Q6) Why did Peter depart from Mary’s house to go elsewhere and wanted someone else to see James and the brethern?

Q6 Answer) Peter was more concerned about the safety of those who were praying instead of having his own needs met.

Discussion about how Christians of today are selfish when it comes to these matters and that Peter showed love towards others here instead of having his needs and wants met. Also it was noted that the house of Mary is traditionally where the Last Supper was held and now it is the nerve center for the early church in Judea. Also this was another Mary (sister of Barnabas and mother of John Mark) and not the mother of Jesus as some have thought.

Q7) Wait a second, was Peter delusional when he was talking about James, since James was executed by Herod in verse 2?

Q7 Answer) No, it was a different James that Peter is talking about.

This Peter was the half-brother of Jesus, son of Mary. The James that died was the son of Zebedee.

Q8) Why did Herod go from Judea to Caesarea?

Q8 Answer) He was filled with shame.

Herod had in his grasp Peter and he was going to show the world of his power over those that professed that Jesus is King. When Peter escaped prison, that showed that Herod was the type of leader that when he lost “face” in front of others that he could not handle it nor deal with it. Kind of like the type of person that when things don’t go their way the have the attitude that “they are going to take their ball and go home.”


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