Acts 12:20-13:12 – August 27, 2006

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Q1) In Acts 12:22 where the people kept shouting that Herod was a god, do you think that they believed this? Why or why not?

Q1 Answer) No, it was an appeasement to cool Herod’s hatred towards the Jews, those in Tyre, and also those in Sidon.

This discussion became extremely interesting. We discussed that this was not the same Herod that tried to kill all of the baby males at the time of the birth of Jesus. That was Herod the Great and this was Herod Agrippa I. A background study of the Herods and it is found out that they have a lineage directly from Edom, which makes them Edomites. All of the Herods, but in particular Herod Agrippa I, were zelous of all Mosaic rituals. Knowing that they were Edomites, the verse Isaiah 63:1 was read, which states, “Who is this who comes from Edom, with dyed garments from Bozrah, this One who is glorious in His apparel, traveling in the greatness of His Strength?- ‘I who speak in righteousness, mighty to save.” We know that this is about the fall of Edom, but knowing that Jesus was condemend by Herod this verse takes on more layers that Jesus comes forth from the condemnation of Herod, an Edomite.

Q2) What is the significance of Herod being eaten by worms?

Q2 Answer) For one thing it showed that he was both rotten inside and out. Also it showed that all the pride that he had of being a god that this is the worst way to die.

It was commented that this was the lowest way for any powerful person to die. This was expected to happen to the body after death but not before.

Q3) What ministy had Barnabas and Saul in Jerusalem?

Q3 Answer) To train those at Mary’s house especially in relation to the Gentiles.

A great contrast was discovered here, Saul was conseting to Stephen’s death, but in the death of James, he started to discipline the future leaders of the Jerusalem church.

Q4) In Acts 13:1 do you think those that were praying, before the Holy Spirit spoke, knew that Barnabas and Saul would be sent out?

Q4 Answer) No

It was agreed that no was the answer unless the Holy Spirit privately told some of those praying. Barnabas and Saul were probably counted on as being the pillars of that particular church and not being used as the first missionaries from the church.

Q5) Why do you think the Holy Spirit had Barnabas and Saul first go to Cyprus (multiple reasons, but one possible is if you do research of Acts 4:36)?

Q5 Answer) For the Lord to show His power where Barnabas grew up.

This question draws conjecture and is nothing to base doctrine or churches upon. One possible reason is that Saul is the main focus in Acts, but the Lord is showing His grace and mercies towards Barnabas and allowing them to go to where Barnabas grew up so that people he knew from earlier in his life could be presented with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Q6) Why is Elymas trying to turn the proconsul from the faith?

Q6 Answer) Satan does not want powerful men to know the Lord, since he knows their example will influence many.

Those in power wield influence over many other people. Satan does not like it when those in power come to know Jesus as their personal Savior, since these people will wield their influence to further the kingdom of God.

Q7) Here we see the name of Saul (name in Hebrew) changed to Paul (name as a citizen of Rome) in the way that the Bible addresses the person. Why do you think this incident with Elymas triggered the name change? (Hint: the key is in verse 10, this is a tough question, so think about Saul’s life before the Damascus road and alsot take into consideration the discourse between Jesus and Peter, after the resurrection of Jesus, about the number of times Jesus asked if Peter loved Him).

Q7 Answer) Saul saw this same spirit on Elymas as in the Pharisees.

This was a crossroads for Saul. He saw the same spirit on Elymas that he himself and many others had when he was part of the Pharisees. He could either accept this spirit and contribute to it, or he could do what the Holy Spirit told him to do. Why the Peter incident is mentioned in the question is that the Lord will bring you to a crossroads in your life where you can close a chapter in your life. Since Saul showed his zeal for Jesus and not zeal for himself here, we see later in this chapter that the Bible starts calling Saul by the name of Paul, which shows that the chapter in his life of his being a Pharisee was closed once and for all.

We start to use the following map for Paul’s first journey:


There are four places that Barnabas and Saul go. Where are they?

Verse 4 is from Syrian Antioch to Seleucia (numbes 1 & 2)
Verse 5 is to Salmais on the island of Cyprus (number 3)

Verse 6 is to Paphos on the other side of the island of Cyprus (number 4)


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Acts 12:1-19 – August 20, 2006 Acts 13:13-39 – September 3, 2006

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