Acts 13:40-52 – September 10, 2006

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Q1) According to verse 42 there were Gentiles that heard preaching while Jews were in the synagogue. How could this be since the synagogues in Israel were for the Jews only?

Q1 Answer) Outside of Israel, Gentiles could freely go into the synagogues.

The Jewish people in these Gentile cities had to allow this or they would lose their synagogues. That is why we see in Acts that many Gentiles did believe in Jehovah but had no idea about Jesus.

Q2) Why were the Jews filled with envy in verse 45?

Q2 Answer) The whole city came to hear Paul and Barnabas.

It is the same thing that happens today. Many churches are small churches and the leaders try many different methods to get people to come and hear about Jesus. Then a person comes in from out of state and packs the church or an auditorium has to be rented. Many non-believers come to this and accept Jesus as their personal Savior. The leader of the small church is at a crossroads like these Jews: they can either be thankful and praise God for what has happened or the can become envious because they are not able to draw the people in like this person. Sounds like pride that produces envy.

Q3) In verse 47 we see Paul quoting from Isaiah 49:6. We know that this verse in Isaiah is about Jesus. Is Paul making himself out to be equal to Jesus in this verse?

Q3 Answer) No, no, no.

Here we see that Paul understands ambassadorship. It says in II Corinthians 5:20 (which Paul wrote) that “we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us;”. Ambassadorship is where you have full rights and are considered to be the party or country that has sent you. As an ambassador for Christ, whatever we do, the world will consider that is what Jesus does.

Q4) Why should the Gentiles be glad about verse 47?

Q4 Answer) Shows that there is salvation for all in the world.

Discussion ensued about how this is wonderful for every tribe, tongue, and nation of the world and that Jesus did not come just for a select few.

Q5) What is the significance of verse 51 and is it fair since there were some in the city that came to know Jesus as their personal Savior?

Q5 Answer) Yes it was fair, what was done was towards those in leadership.

This discussion became a bit controversial. We read Matthew 10:14-15 of Jesus telling to wipe the dust off your feet. The main idea of what was done in Acts 13:51 was towards the leaders of the city and not towards those in the city, especially since a church is established in this city.

Q6) How can verse 52 happen in light of Paul and Barnabas going through verse 50?

Q6 Answer) Paul and Barnabas knew that the joy of the Lord was their strength.

We read Nehemiah 8:10 and then discussed that Paul and Barnabas knew that no matter what opposition that they would encounter that they could be joyful in the Lord.

For this study we are using the following map:


In this section there is one place that Paul and Barnabas go. Where is it on the map?

Verse 51 – Iconium – number 7 on the map.


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