Acts 14:1-13 – September 17, 2006

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Q1) In verse 1 it says that Paul and Barnabas spoke to both Jew and Gentile at the same time at Iconium. How is this different from Acts 13?

Q1 Answer) At Iconium they purposely spoke to both at the same time; whereas in Acts 13 they purposely spoke to the Jews first than the Gentiles last.

Here I explained that we again must meet the people where they are at, just like Jesus does. This means that we rely heavily upon God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and their direction. One method does not work for all people. It was stated that just like in fishing, you cannot use the same lure to catch a rainbow trout as you can catch a tuna. You need to have different bait. In the same way you cannot use the same method on everyone when telling them about Jesus.

Q2) What does verse 2 have in common with Acts 13:50? Can you identify the spirit at work?

Q2 Answer) Unbelieving Jews stirred up the Gentiles and poisoned them against Paul and Barnabas.

It was discussed here that we need to test the spirits that we come in contact with and see if they are of God. We are not saying that we should look for a demon under every rock or even confront the spirits. What we are saying is that if you know what type of spirit you are up against, you know how to confont it. Demonic spirits think that humans are stupid and that we will do the same thing time and again. Here we identified that this spirit is a religious spirit rooted in one of the things that God hates in Proverbs 6:16-19, which is sowing discord among the brethern. It was noted that many prophets of today have identified what is written in Proverbs 6:16-19 as not being multiple spirits but the spirit of leviathan.

Q3) Why did Paul and Barnabas stay at Iconium for a long time?

Q3 Answer) To come against the poisoning of the minds of the people of Iconium.

It was noted that the first word in verse 3 is “Therefore” which means because of the preceding actions that the rest of the verse will happen. Paul and Barnabase were not fearful of these people or fearful of the spirits behind them. No, Paul and Barnabas were not concerned for themselves but stayed there for a long time because of the love that they had for these people and where they would end up spending eternity. The question was posed, if you were confronted by people like these Jews, what would you do? Would you become fearful and flee or call the police, or would you be firm like Paul and Barnabas and confront the situation? As a side note it was stated that there is a quote from a well know preacher that “the police are the garbage collectors of what the church cannot deal with spiritually.” That is a sad commentary on how shallow we are as Christians in today’s society.

Q4) How do verses 4 and 5 line up with Luke 12:51-53?

Q4 Answer) That the Gospel of Jesus Christ cuts to the very innards of a person.

When the Gospel does this we then see what that person is truly after. You will never know a person until you see how they react in extreme situations.

Q5) In previous chapters Paul preaches on something that he doesn’t (or at least the Bible doesn’t state he preaches on it) in Lystra. What is it?

Q5 Answer) The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Though it is conjecture and nothing to build doctrine or a church on, it should be noted that Paul does speak about something in verse 9, but it does not say what. Everywhere else it is stated that it is about Jesus Christ that he speaks.  A person is healed and instantly Paul and Barnabas are treated as gods. We must be careful never to fall into this, which brings up the next question.

Q6) As we go out and are used by God to heal others, cast out demons, raise the dead, or give words of prophecy and knowledge, what should we always include?

Q6 Answer) We should always point everything back to Jesus

We need to always point everything we do back to Jesus so that He receives the glory and credit. None of us, not one, on our own volition can do these things, but it is Jesus working through us. When we start to think that we can do these things on our own, that is the time that pride is starting to creep into our hearts.

This study uses the following map:


In this section there are two places that Paul and Barnabas go. Where are these places on the map?

Verse 6 – Lystra – number 8 on the map

Verse 6 – Derbe – number 9 on the map


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