Acts 14:14-28 – September 24, 2006

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Q1) In verse 15 why did Paul mention that God is a living God that made heaven, earth, the sea, and all things in them?

Q1 Answer) These people were from a mutli-god society.

Since they were from a multi-god society, Paul knew that they had a god for each one of the things that he mentions. Therefore he introduces the living God and tells them how Jehovah God is above all other gods. Another way that Paul meets the people where they are at – here during their thinking patterns and their culture.

Q2) Contrast the people in Acts 14:1-7 with the people in Acts 14:14-18. What can we learn from these two sets of people about their reaction to the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Q2 Answer) The Gospel can either raise a person’s hope or strike fear in the person.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ Himself are a stumbling block for some people and a hope for others. We never know what is in levels of the heart of a person that are hard to perceive. We need to be ready for extreme reactions at all times.

Q3) Why did Jews from Antioch and Iconium go after Paul in Lystra? What spirit is this?

Q3 Answer) The Jews went after Paul due to envy.

It was mentioned here that this had become a mob mentality. The same type of mentality that went after Jesus before His crucifixion. The spirit here is envy rooted in a religious spirit.

We talked here about verse 19 and 20. Paul was stoned by the Jewish elders to the point that they thought he was dead (whether he was or wasn’t we do not know, we just know that he was in critical care or dead afterwards), but the disciples gathered around him in verse 20 and he stood up and they left. Either way he was healed to the point that he could walk or he was raised from the dead.

Q4) In verse 21, Paul preaches at Derbe and there is no retaliation. What can we learn from this?

Q4 Answer) The Lord will allow our ministry to go through seasons of persecution and also seasons of growth.

All of us have some type of ministry to those around us and the world. The Lord will allow us to be persecuted and He will also allow seasons of growth and no persecution. Persecution is for growth in Him and to make us more Christ-like. Seasons of no retaliation is not for us to necessarily rest, but to disciple others and help others.

Q5) Wait a second, in Acts 13:51, Paul and Barnabas shook the dust of their feet to the city of Antioch in Pisidia, but here in verses 21-23 they went back to that city and appointed elders. Isn’t this contradictory towards what they did in Acts 13:51?

Q5 Answer) No it is not contradictory.

What they did in Acts 13:51 was towards the leaders of the city, not towards the new converts and the new church in Antioch in Pisidia.

Q6) What is significant about verses 26 – 28?

Q6 Answer) After this part of the ministry was over they reported back to those who sent them out.

No matter who you are, you are accountable to someone. Paul and Barnabas were founders of the church in Antioch of Syria, but they reported back of what was done and put themselves under submission and subjection to those they appointed as leaders.

This is the wrap up of the first journey of Paul, so we will be using the following map:


In this section there are mutliple places that Paul and Barnabase go. Where are these places on the map?

Verse 21 – Lystra – number 10 on the map

Verse 21 – Iconium – number 11 on the map

Verse 21 – Antioch in Pisidia – number 12 on the map

Verse 25 – Perga – number 13 on the map

Verse 25 – Attalia – number 14 on the map

Verse 26 – Antioch of Syria – number 15 on the map


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