Acts 15:12-21 – October 8, 2006

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Q1) In verse 12 it mentions Barnabas before Paul instead of Paul and Barnabas. Why is this?

Q1 Answer) Barnabas took the lead before the council.

This is something that very few of us in America truly understand. When in certain places it is not always wise to speak up when you are normally the leader. In this case, the council viewed Branabas the leader because he was more mature (read possibly because he was a Christian longer) in the faith. Also Barnabas was the mentor of Paul. Paul here is showing restraint and is also giving credit and honor where credit and honor are due.

Q2) In verse 13, James does not speak until all were silent. Why is this significant?

Q2 Answer) James was not pushy.

Here we see another act of restraint. James had plenty to say but he did not talk over the top of the others so his point could be heard. This is an act of both being a faithful listener and wanting to hear what others had to say. This issue was too important to not hear what everyone had to say.

Q3) Verses 16, 17, and 18 are quoted from Amos 9:11-12. What is significant about these verse for the Gentiles?

Q3 Answer) Gentiles will be called by God’s name.

This is a large prophecy that is fulfilled. Never before had the Gentiles been able to be called by God’s name. This is a prophecy that all non-Jewish people benefit from.

Q4) In verse 20 are several things that are to be written to the Gentiles. Why are these specifically named and not things like envy, greed, murder, or hatred?

Q4 Answer) These things mentioned were practiced in the temples to the false gods.

This is very important to get. These things that are mentioned in verse 20 became common place in every temple in the region. God was using the apostles and disciples to show the Gentiles that an outward sign is not important, but an inward change of the heart was important. That inward change of the heart was not to practice in the new church what was practiced in other temples. This was to be a sign to the unsaved that this new church and it’s people were different.

Q5) This letter writing produces a seed in Paul’s life. What is it?

Q5 Answer) Writing to the churches that he visits, which produces the epistles in the New Testament.

There is much explanation that is in this letter that is writtern later in the chapter. This is a seed that is planted that Paul uses to keep in contact with the churches that he planted.

Q6) What does verse 21 mean?

Q6 Answer) What was preached in the synagogues about Moses was right and good, but let’s also preach about Jesus Christ.

The apostles did not want to do away with what was being taught in the synagogues such as Moses and what the other patriarchs did and said. What was to be done away with are the outward rules, such as circumcision. What Moses and others taught is right and was completed by Jesus, so keep on talking about Moses but have it lead to what Jesus did on the cross.


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