Acts 15:22-35 – October 15, 2006

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Q1) Why did others go with Paul and Barnabas to Antioch to deliver the letter?

Q1 Answer) For a good report.

The apostles and disciples wanted to show that the church in Jerusalem supported the church in Anticoh in Syria and that they did this fully. This was not to “gang up” on the new church but to envelop the church in support and love. From here on out we need to keep in mind that everything that Barnabas, Paul, and Silas do for the new churches that are established is out of a heart of love of these people.

Q2) What is significant in verse 24, where it says, “some who went out from us?”

Q2 Answer) There was no division made.

The writers of the letter are acknowledging where this unacceptable doctrine came from. Instead of pointing the finger at those individuals, they show that they are taking the responsibility that it came from the church at Jerusalem. This shows to the new church that there is unity in the body and that the leaders are willing to be mature. Think about how we need to have this in the body today.

Q3) Verses 24, 25, and 26 seem to go into great detail. In today’s society, we would have just written we are sorry. Why is detail needed here?

Q3 Answer) For encouragement and explanation.

Just saying that you are sorry can be and is so cold. Instead of pointing the finger of blame at anyone, the writers went into great detail to encourage the new church and also to explain some things further. Communication is the key here.

Q4) Read Matthew 11:29-30 and then read Acts 15:28. What did the authors of this letter understand?

Q4 Answer) Jesus is not concerned with burdening someone down with rules. He wants a relationship.

We need to be careful here. We are not saying that there should not be rules, ethics, and morals that conduct our lives as Christians. What we are saying is that burdening people down with rules that people are not able to live by is not what Jesus intended. He is concerned about the heart and wants a relationship.

Q5) In verse 31 we see there is rejoicing due to the letter being encouraging. How was it encouraging?

Q5 Answer) No pointing fingers or blaming others.

As we have previously said there was not pointing fingers or blaming others. This was a letter of ecnouragement and explanation, over which there was much rejoicing by the Gentiles.

Q6) In verse 32, we see that Judas and Silas are prophets. Prophets in the Old Testament were mainly doom and gloom. Do you think what Judas and Silas said to those in Antioch was shocking?

Q6 Answer) Yes.

This was very shocking since the old time prophets were forewarning of impending doom unless Israel turned back to God. Here we see prophecy take a new turn in which they exhorted and strengthened the new converts in their relationship and daily walk with Jesus. A huge about face for what prophets would prophesy about.


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