Acts 15:36-16:5 – October 22, 2006

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Starting with this study, we will be looking at Paul’s second missionary journey, so we will be using the map at the bottom of this study.

Also starting with this study, each study will have an error in one of the questions. It is our duty as believers to test everything that we read or hear with the Bible. So this will be a mini exercise in testing what is being said in class.

Q1) Why did Paul want to visit all the previous cities that Paul and Barnabas preached in?

Q1 Answer) Followup and to see how they are doing.

This was a time for followup and discipleship for those in the churches to strengthen them and not to necessarily go after new converts.

Q2) We see that there was a strong contention between Paul and Barnabas over what John Mark did in Acts 13:13. What characteristic(s) do we see in Barnabas that Paul had yet to learn?

Q2 Answer) Mentoring and giving multiple chances.

We know that John Mark left in Acts 13, but we truly do not know why. Some say it was homesick, not being able to deal with Gentiles, not being able to deal with Paul, or not being able to deal with travelling. Whatever the cause of his leaving, this rubbed Paul the wrong way. What we see is the old Pharisee mind set that Paul had where he did not have any time for foolishness and he considered what John Mark did to be complete foolishness. On the other hand, Barnabas was willing to give another chance to John Mark. What Barnabas did is a picture of no matter how bad we mess up, Jesus is willing to give is another chance.

Q3) Paul and Barnabas go separate ways in these verses. Paul starts out on his second journey, where Barnabas goes to Cypress and is not really mentioned again. Was the Lord in both journeys or just Paul’s, since the Bible covers Paul’s journey more in depth?

Q3) The Lord was in both journeys.

The Lord did work in both journeys. We need to remember that just because Paul is mainly written about and most of the New Testament was letters from Paul, that the Lord did perform mighty works through Barnabas.

Q4) Paul and Silas travel to Lystra and pick up Timothy. He had Timothy circumcised, but wait, I thought in Acts 15 that circumcision was not part of salvation. Why did Paul do this to Timothy?

Q4 Answer) To the Jews – they would not hear anyone who was not circumcised.

This is not Paul going back on his word about circumcision. This is Paul knowing about the Jewish people. He realized that the Jewish people he would come in contact with would not listen to Timothy unless he was Jewish. This is part of Paul’s understanding of when he says in I Corinthians 9:20, “And unto the Jew I became as a Jew”.

Q5) In verse 4 they delivered decress to the cities instead of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Why?

Q5 Answer) These were cities that churches were established in. These visits were not for witnessing but for strengthening the Christians.

Paul showed that it was not up to him to win the lost in each city, but it was up to those who lived in the city. When he visited cities a second time, it was always as a strenghtening visit.

Q6) What is significant about the order in verse 6 of being strengthened in faith then added to daily?

Q6 Answer) The number 6 that is crossed out in this question is the error for today’s lesson. It was in verse 5.

Again this reiterates what was talked about in question 5 but takes it a step further. When those that live in the city are strengthened they have a renewed enthusiasm and vigor to talk to those who are without Jesus.

The following map is used in this study and several subsequent studies:


What four cities have Paul and Silas gone through?

Acts 15 – Anticoh in Syria – number 1 on the map

Between Acts 15 & 16 – Syria and Cilicia – number 2 and 3 on the map

Acts 16:1 – Derbe – number 4 on the map

Acts 16:1 – Lystra – number 5 on the map


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Acts 15:22-35 – October 15, 2006 Acts 16:6-15 – October 29, 2006

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