Acts 16:25-34 – November 12, 2006

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Each study will have an error in one of the questions. It is our duty as believers to test everything that we read or hear with the Bible. So this will be a mini exercise in testing what is being said in class.

Q1)    Read Acts 12:3-10 and Acts 16:25-34. Compare and contrast Peter in prison then and Paul in prison here.

Q1 Answer)    Peter slept and had others prayed for him. Paul and Silas were beaten and in chains and were praising God.

What a thought and a question. Peter was comforted by the Holy Spirit after he sees James executed and knows that he will be executed the next day. He is comforted to the point that he can sleep soundly. Paul was beaten for trumped up charges due to his freeing a slave girl from demonic possession. He was then thrown in jail. He praised and worshipped God even though he was a bloody mess. One thing to notice in verse 25 is that the prisoners listened to Paul and Silas and did not retaliate to them praising Jesus.

Q2) In verse 28 Paul told the prison keeper not to harm himself. Why did he do this instead of running from the prison?

Q2 Answer) Love for others.

The jail was open and it would have been perfectly acceptable for Paul to leave the jail and run. He decided not to do that but instead faced the jailer. The jailer was ready to kill himself, since all the prisoners were loose and that meant that the next day he would lose his life. None of the prisoners escaped and Paul turned to minister to the jailer.

Q3) Verse 29 is very unusual for a keeper of a prison. Why is it unusual?

Q3 Answer) Shows humbleness and humility.

The very prisoner that the jailer was told to keep an eye on is the one that the jailer is bowing down to. Catch this, an earthquake happened and every chain and stock that all prisoners had on were loosened. The chances of that happening are very rare. Then instead of it being mayhem and all the prisoners running around, each prisoner remained. Truly this was an act of God and the jailer knew that God was there in the jail. He ran and fell down at Paul’s feet and wanted to know what he could do to be saved. If Paul would have ran out the door when the earthquake happened, this would not have happened.

Q4) The jailer took the prisoners into his home. Why might he do this? (Read Acts 12:19 – what might the jailer expect from his superiors?)

Q4 Answer) The jailer had a new found love for his new brothers.

Wow is all I can say. The very person that was to keep an eye on Paul is now taking him into his home, cleaned his wounds, and then was saved and baptized. Catch this, if Paul had not had mercy on the jailer he might not have gotten his wounds cleaned. Put it in our lives, if we do not show mercy on someone else, mercy that we need may not come to us; but if we show mercy then mercy we need will come from the most unexepected places.

Q5) Wait a second! I thought John was with Paul and Silas? If he isn’t then what happened to him?

Q5 Answer) This is the trick question. Two studies ago we learned that Luke was with Paul and Silas and not John.

Luke was not seized so it is very possible that he is at Lydia’s house praying for Paul and Silas.

Q6) Why do you think God added the jailer to the Philippi church?

Q6 Answer) He had influence over others.

A jailer has an amazing influence over others and this jailer took things seriously (read he was ready to kill himself since he failed at his job). That also shows loyalty and that is what was needed at this new church.

Since we are still at Philippi in this study, there is no reason to use the map.


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