Acts 16:6-15 – October 29, 2006

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Each study will have an error in one of the questions. It is our duty as believers to test everything that we read or hear with the Bible. So this will be a mini exercise in testing what is being said in class.

Q1) In verses 6 and 7 the Holy Spirit forbids Paul and Silas to go to Asia and Bithynia. Why is this (think about Jewish attitude towards the Romans)?

Q1 Answer) Jewish people could not handle being around the Romans. The further west they went the closer to Rome they got. To go east would have been easier.

Another crossroads for Paul. Though he was a Roman citizen, most of his training and beliefs were that of his Jewish upbringing. This crossroads is that though they wanted to go eastward, the Holy Spirit told them to go closer to the place the the Jews hated. Remember that at this time the Roman govenment was considered evil by the Jews since the Romans occupied and controlled all of Israel.

Q2) In verses 9 and 10 Paul has a vision. What can be gathered about the man in the vision?

Q2 Answer) A man of no worldly importance.

Though this man was of no worldly importance he was hungry for more of God. The more that you want of God the more He will direct Himself in various forms to you.

Here we stopped and discussed verse 10.  Towards the end it says, “concluding that the Lord had called us to preach the gospel to them.”  Notice who the Lord called?  It was us.  Suddenly the writer of Acts, who is Luke, is with Paul and Silas.  We need to be careful of when Luke joins up with Paul and Silas and when he leaves them.

Q3) You will have to do some research on this question. In verse 12 Paul and Silas go to Phillipi and stop for a time. They don’t stay at place like Troas, Samothrace or Neapolis. What was so important about Phillipi (think about travel routes and worldly importance)?

Q3 Answer) Phillipi was a gateway to Europe from the East and Middle East.

Phillipi was a large city that was a stopping point going to and from Europe to the East or the Middle East. It would not have been wrong for Paul and Silas to stop at the other cities, the Holy Spirit had them go directly to Philippi for a reason which we will see a little later. Philippi was a large city with many people that were wealthy. This brought about pride, self-importance, and affluence.

Q4) Verse 13 sticks out like a sore thumb. Where were prayers normally held and who prayed?

Q4 Answer) Prayers were normally held at the synagogue and they were performed by men.

Since there was no synagogue they went down to the river. Remember a previous study, if a city had less than 10 Jewish men in that city they could not have a synagogue. There was no synagogue so there was less than 10 Jewish men in the city. The women conducted the prayers and were hungry for God.

Q5) The women in verse 13 and Lydia in verse 14 show us what about the women of Lystra?

Q5 Answer) This was the trick question, it was about the women of Philippi.

It showed us that they were hungry spiritually and that the material things of this large city did not fill them.

Q6) In verse 14 it says, “the Lord opened her heart to heed the things spoken by Paul.” What does this mean?

Q6 Answer) The Lord alone can open the heart to things about Him.

Though we may want to reason with a person or group of people very badly, its the Lord who will open up the heart of a person to receive things from Him.

The following map is used in this study:


What seven places on the map did Paul and Silas go?

Verse 6 – Phrygia – number 6 on the map

Verse 6 – Galatia – number 7 on the map

Verse 7 – Mysia – number 8 on the map

Verse 8 – Troas – number 9 on the map

Verse 11 – Samothrace – number 10 on the map

Verse 11 – Neapolis – number 11 on the map

Verse 12 – Philippi – number 12 on the map


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Acts 15:36-16:5 – October 22, 2006 Acts 16:16-24 – November 5, 2006

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