Acts 19:21-34 – January 7, 2007

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CHALLENGE: We know that Paul spent three years at Ephesus. We get a glimpse of the things Paul talked about in the book of Ephesians. Why do you think Paul wrote Ephesians 3:14-21 to them?
Paul was telling the Ephesians that they no longer have to go through a priest to get to God and that power does not come from the occultists but that all people can go directly to God through Jesus Christ.

Q1) What does it mean in verse 21, “Paul purposed in his spirit?”

Clues)    What did Paul do when he wanted to go to Asia and the Holy Spirit told him not to?

Discussion)    Paul purposed to go along with what the Holy Spirit told him to do.  He determined in his heart that he would do what God wanted him to do no matter what man would do to him.

Q2) What did Demetrius love more – the goddess Diana, or money, and why?

Clues)    What are the reasons behind what Demetrius started to do.

Discussion)    The temple to Diana was one of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World.  Obviously this attracted much wealth to the area.  The silversmiths and coppersmiths were the ones that was fueling this religion in the mandates that everyone who worshipped at this temple would have to have an idol in their household.  Therefore the love that Demetrius had was fueled by money.

Q3) Gaius and Aristarchus were seized in verse 29. Why wasn’t Paul?

Clues)    Paul was there but was not seized.

Discussion)    It was not time for Paul to be seized.  Remember that there was much commotion that was going on at this time.  The disciples were afraid for Paul but the Lord allowed him not to be seized at this time.

Q4) How is Demetrius like the masters of the slave girl in Acts 16:16-24?

Clues)    What was the love of both of these people?

Discussion)    That they both loved the profit that they were benefitting from.  Also, they told the heads of the cities not the truth about Paul, but that Paul was about to crumble their economy.  Much like people now, people back then had their hearts in their pocketbooks.

Q5) What is laughable yet sad about verse 32?

Clues)    Really read verse 32 and think about it.

Discussion)    Many in the assembly that was amassed by Demetrius were confused and they did not know why they were there.  They saw a crowd and they went along with the crowd.  Many people are like this today.  They have no idea what they are doing or why they go along with something.

Q6) Verse 33 talks about Alexander. Many commentaries claim that this is the same Alexander that is talked about in I Timothy 1:20 and II Timothy 4:14. Is this the same Alexander? Why or why not?

Clues)    This is a tough question.

Discussion)    The Alexander in I Timothy sounds like he was shipwrecked with Paul.  That happened after Ephesus.  The Alexander in II Timothy is a coppersmith who was with Demetrius, so this was probably the same Alexander.  Though we may not know the answer this was an exercise done to show how commentaries are not the final authority and that we need to ask God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for guidance and wisdom when studying the Bible.

CHALLENGE: In light of these verses that happen in Ephesus, read Ephesians 4:25-32. What is Paul saying to us now?

We did not get to the challenge so it will be the very first thing we cover next week.


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