Acts 20:7-16 – January 21, 2007

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Each study will have an error in one of the questions. It is our duty as believers to test everything that we read or hear with the Bible. So this will be a mini exercise in testing what is being said in class.

Q1) Why did they meet until midnight in verse 7?

Discussion) The people were hungry for what the Lord had for them through Paul. Paul did not act like a prima donna or a star, but shared with them EVERYTHING that the Lord had for them.

Much time was spent on verse 8 that there were many lamps in the upper room. The Bible never puts something in a verse that is not important. In verse 8 we see that this was not to be a dark mystical night, but a night that the light of what Jesus can and will do will shine throughout the earth. This is part of the kingdom of heaven coming down to earth.

Q2) What happened to Eutychus?

Discussion) Eutychus was in such a deep sleep that he fell from a three story window to his death. We had much discussion on this and we want to spend some time here on this. Imagine being Eutychus and being so sleepy while sitting on a ledge of a window three stories up that you fall asleep and fall out of the window to your death. This scene is a grisly scene. I am sure that there was much chaos going on and that many people were in horror that someone fell to their death. Down on the street below, the body of Eutychus was probably in such a horrible looking sight with blood and broken bones everywhere.

Q3) Paul embraced Eutychus’ dead body and told them his life is in him. Why did Paul do this and was this a resurrection of the dead?

Discussion) Paul did this to show that Eutychus was not dead but that through Jesus Christ he could be raised back to life. The part about the resurrection of the dead is that each one of us will be resurrected from the dead. This was a part of the resurrection of the dead in that Eutychus was brought back to life, but part of it was not, since the resurrection of the dead takes on the idea that we will have our new heavenly bodies.

Q4) In verse 11, after the incident with Eutychus, why did Paul leave for Phillipi?

Clues) This was the trick question. Paul never left for Phillipi but he went upstairs to eat.

Discussion) Paul was showing us several things. First of all, when the Lord uses us to heal the sick or raise the dead, we are not to boast about the event or rehash it over and over and over. Instead Paul was showing us by his actions that the raising of the dead whould be a normal occurence, to the point that when Eutychus came back to life that Paul went upstairs to eat and continue talking about Jesus.

Notice in verse 12, there is a negative entandre stating “not a little comforted” which means that the people in Troas were greatly comforted by what had just happened. Eutychus, undoubtedly, became a pillar in the church at Troas and was a living testament to being raised from the dead. Notice how Eutychus never followed Paul but stayed where he was at to build a solid church in his community.

Q5) In verse 13, what could be some reasons Paul’s friends sailed to Assos and he went on foot?

Discussion) There are many reasons that commentaries give such as that this was a difficult journey and Paul was denying himself the luxury of going on a ship in order to crucify the flesh towards God. Instead of this idea, we feel that this was a time for Paul to spend some quality time with God by himself. He had no one around asking questions and distracting him. This way he could get himself “charged up” with what was about to happen. I think that he showed us that we need alone time with God and that he was making sure that he was doing what God wanted him to do, especially in light of verse 23.

Q6) Who are the “we” in verse 13?

Discussion) Again this is the writer of Acts, which is Luke, who comes in and out of the picture of several chapters of Acts. There was a curve ball mentioned by the leader that the six places that Paul went took many months. If you look at verses 15 – 16 it mentions that each ship was the next day, so it took several days. This was done not to confuse or misguide the class, but it was done so that people would see that we need to watch what every person says about the Bible. It was caught that this was a mistake and then this error was expounded upon.

What were the six places that Paul and company went from the map below:


Verse 13 – Assos – place 10 on the map

Verse 14 – Mitylene – place 11 on the map

Verse 15 – Chios – place 12 on the map

Verse 15 – Samos – place 13 on the map

Verse 15 – Miletus – place 14 on the map

CHALLENGE: What is different in Paul in verse 16 compared to Acts 16:6-9?

Discussion) In Acts 16:6-9, Paul wanted to go to Asia in the worst way, but the Holy Spirit did not want him to go into Asia. Here in verse 16, Paul wants to get to Jerusalem very quickly and then go to Rome. He does not want to go to Asia anymore.


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