Acts 20:32-21:16 – February 4, 2007

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Each study will have an error in one of the questions. It is our duty as believers to test everything that we read or hear with the Bible. So this will be a mini exercise in testing what is being said in class.

Q1) In verse 32, do we have to wait until we get to heaven for our inheritance?

Discussion) No not at all. Remember that Paul here is still talking to the Ephesian elders and he is stating that everything has been done by the Holy Spirit and that the inheritance from heaven is not done by Paul, but by Jesus. Since this is the case and Jesus already has the victory in all things, we can participate in our inheritance now.

Q2) Read verses 33-35 and then read Acts 18:3 and Ephesians 4:19. What is Paul saying in these verses?

Discussion) Remember he is talking to the Ephesian elders here. Remembering back in chapter 19 of Acts we see that the main religion was that of Diana and that this religion was where you were more spiritual when you bought more idols. Paul did not take any money for himself in any city. When he had needs he worked as a tentmaker. He did this to show that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is free to everyone. It is not for sale. He received this freely so he freely gave it away.

Q3) {Tough Question} In verse 4, Paul is told by the disciples, in the Spirit, not to go up to Jerusalem. Was Paul going to Jerusalem to be defiant or was something else happening? Please explain.

Discussion) They were pleading for him not to go, but he knew that he needed to go to Jerusalem. Paul realized that everywhere he went that he would be persecuted or tortured. He also knew a higher reality is that a fire for the Lord God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit would start in every city that he was persecuted and tortured at, and not only a fire but faith would rise up inside of each new believer so that they could be bold in the face of persecution. He was not being defiant but showing us that he was bound in the Spirit to do this.

Q4) Of all the times that Paul sailed, verse 5 is the first time that people knelt at the shore and prayed before setting foot on a ship. Why is this important?

Discussion) This is kind of a tricky question. There are four main reasons that he did this. 1) He would never see these people again. 2) He was accepting their prayers for a safe journey to Jerusalem. 3) He was praying a blessing upon the people their for the beginning of their church. 4) Lastly he was showing of becoming a Greek to the Greeks. What is meant by this last one is that at this time many Gentile towns that were a port city prayed to the gods of the seas. Paul showed that it was good to pray for safe travelling but that they should be praying to the Lord Jehovah God, mighty Creator of all the universe and everything in it. In this he redirected them to God and not their false gods.

Q5) Paul was warned six times in this and the previous study to not go to Jerusalem. Write down these Scriptures.

Clues) It was actually three times, this was the trick question.

Discussion) These were in Acts 21:4, 21:21:11, and Acts 21:14

Q6) What did Agabus the prophet do in verse 11, and why?

Discussion) He took Paul’s belt off of him and bound himself up to show what the Spirit showed would happen to Paul. Here is a huge crossroads that Paul must make a choice and the first time that this ever happened to him. All of the people that he discipled that were with him were urging him NOT to go to Jersualem. He knew that he must go to Jerusalem. So his crossroads was this: was he going to listen to man and the fear that man had or listen to God and the destiny that God had on his life. This is a very interesting crossroads and as we each mature in our lives we will come to the same crossroads, will we believe God more than we believe man.

Name the seven places that Paul visits on the map below:


Verse 1 – Cos – Number 15 on the map

Verse 1 – Rhodes – number 16 on the map

Verse 1 – Patra – number 17 on the map

Verse 3- Cyprus – number 18 on the map

Verse 3 – Tyre – number 19 on the map

Verse 7 – Ptolemis – number 20 on the map

Verse 8 – Caesarea – number 21 on the map

Verse 15 – Jerusalem – number 22 on the map

LIFE APPLICATION: Why did Paul say, “why do you weep and break my heart”, in verse 13?

Discussion) He was being swayed in his human side to not go to Jersualem, for he loved the disciples. He knew though in his spirit that he must go to Jerusalem. This verse showed the intense crossroads that this was for him.


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