Acts 22:12-29 – March 4, 2007

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Each study will have an error in one of the questions. It is our duty as believers to test everything that we read or hear with the Bible. So this will be a mini exercise in testing what is being said in class.

Q1) Read verse 12 then read Acts 9:10-19. Why doesn’t Paul call Ananias a devout Christian in Acts 22:12?

Discussion)    Paul did not want to rile up the mob nor get Ananias in to trouble with the Jews.  Most of us today would have said that Ananias was a disciple or a Christian, to divert the heat off of us, but Paul did not want to get others into hot water (this is where Paul is showing love towards Ananias).

Q2) What does verse 16 mean? Can baptism actually wash away our sin? What does baptism do?

Discussion)    No baptism does not wash away our sin.  In those days, which it should be this way today, whoever you followed you were baptized in their name.  John that Baptist baptized people and they followed him, Apollos baptized people and they followed him, as well as others.  Even Pharisees were baptized to become Pharisees.  When you were baptized you showed by an act that you were leaving the past behind and following someone with your whole being.  Baptism is NOT a condition for salvation.  If it was, then the original twelve disciples would not be in heaven because no where in the Bible does it tell that they were ever baptized. 

Q3) In verses 17-21, Paul is in a trance and has a vision and the Holy Spirit tells Paul to get out of Jerusalem quickly. Why?

Discussion)    The Jew would not receive Paul.  Whatever we are saved from that is where we want to go and minister to.  Paul was saved from being a Pharisee so he naturally wanted to minister to the Pharisees, but the Lord wanted him to minister to the Gentiles.

Q4) The Jews accepted Paul’s defense and let him speak to the people. Why?

Clues)     The Jews did not accpet Paul’s defense.

Discussion)    Instead the Jews started to rip their clothes and throw ashes and dust in the air.  Just picture the scene, an angry mob quiets down to the point that they listen to Paul and know all of them are yelling, ripping their shirts, and then throwing ashes and dust in the air. 

Q5) The chief captain orders Paul to be brought inside the castle/prison and scourged {beaten}. Why?

Discussion)    To find out what stirred the mob into anger.  Paul was talking to them in the Hebrew language, which more than likely the commander did not know.  This was the general way to get something out of a captor.

Q6) What is the difference between the chief captain’s citizenship and that of Paul’s?

Discussion)    The captain’s citizenship was purchased which meant he had less rights than Paul.  Paul’s citizenship was by birth which means they did a horrible mistake in binding and beating Paul.

LIFE APPLICATION: Many commentaires state that Paul never defended himself [see Acts 16:20-40 – he mentioned he was a Roman after God releases him from jail] but here he does defend himself. What can we glean from this?

Discussion)    When you are under the guidance of the Holy Spirit it is correct to defend yourself when you are supposed to.  Without Paul defending himself, he would have rotted in jail.  By defending himself, as we shall see in the following weeks, this gave him a one-way ticket to see Agrippa in Rome.


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