Acts 22:30-23:11 – March 11, 2007

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Each study will have an error in one of the questions. It is our duty as believers to test everything that we read or hear with the Bible. So this will be a mini exercise in testing what is being said in class.

Q1) In Acts 22:30 why did the Roman commander want to know what Paul was accused of instead of leaving him in jail?

The commander wanted to know because he was responsible for Paul and what happened to him.  Since Paul was a Roman citizen, whatever bad happened to Paul, the commander would have to answer for it.
Q2) In verse 2, why did the high priest become so enraged with Paul that he ordered him to be struck on the mouth?

Discussion)    The high priest thought that Paul was lying so he had Paul hit across the mouth.  Notice that Jesus was also hit across the mouth during his trial.  Though we did not research it, there is something that is there about both Jesus and Paul being hit unjustly across the mouth.
Q3) In verse 5, Paul stood firm in reviling the high priest, why?

Clues)    This was the trick question.  Paul apologized for what he said when he found out that it was the high priest.

Discussion)    Paul could have kept on this road since he did not have to answer to the high priest any longer.  Since the high priest was still an authority figure in the Jewish culture, Paul backed off and quoted an Old Testament Scripture in Exodus 22:28.  Paul knew, just like David knew not to go up against King Saul, not to go up against authority figures.  He had previously written about this.
Q4) What Paul did in verse 6 – was this led by the Holy Spirit or a clever ploy by Paul?

Discussion)    This was not a clever ploy.  He knew about the difference between Pharisees and Sadducees, but this was something that he did by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  What Paul said was an inference to Jesus Christ, but the Pharisees and Sadducees took it about life after death and they started to fight with each other.
Q5) Why did the commander have guards take Paul by force into the barracks in verse 10?

Discussion)    We want to paint a vivid picture here.  The commander not knowing the Hebrew language had Paul face his accusers.  Paul said something then the high priest had someone hit Paul in the mouth.  Paul retorts back angrily then someone says something to him.  Paul apologetically says something back then he yells something out loud.  One third of the accusers starts to fight with another third of the accusers.  They fight to the point that there was a great dissension.  During this time the last third of the accusers start to say that Paul is innocent.  Since the commander is responsible for Paul, he has the soldiers by force take Paul away from his accusers.  This means that the accusers were beat on until they let go of Paul.
Q6) Read verse 13 then read Matthew 28:20. What special thing did the Lord do for Paul and will do for us?

Discussion)    Paul is confronted by three different mobs in four days.  Even though Paul is walking in the Spirit, his human side starts to work on him.  The Lord knows this so He encourages Paul and then promises that Paul will not die in Jerusalem but must testify of Him in Rome.
LIFE APPLICATION: Read Acts 23:5 then read Romans 13:1-7. What is Paul telling us and showing us about a Christian’s attitude towards those in authority?

Discussion)    No matter what type of authority you have over you, (unless the authority is asking you to do something that is contrary to the Bible), you must honor that authority.  Paul wrote about this in Romans and displays it here in Acts.  He shows that even though you may not be in subjection to that authority, that all authority comes from God.  There is not one authority figure that is in authority that is not surprising to God. 


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