Acts 24:1-13 – April 1, 2007

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Each study will have an error in one of the questions. It is our duty as believers to test everything that we read or hear with the Bible. So this will be a mini exercise in testing what is being said in class.

Q1) Why did the high priest need an orator before Felix?

Discussion) The high priest did not need an orator, but he purposely used one that knew Roman law extensively and probably had tried proceedings before Felix.

Q2) Explain what Tertullus is trying to say in verses 2 and 3, knowing how Felix was.

Discussion) Tertullus was buttering up or kissing up to Felix. He knew that Felix loved bribes therefore he was trying to butter Felix up so that Felix would side with the Pharisees.

Q3) In verses 5 and 6, what three things do the Jews and Tertullus accuse Paul of?

Discussion) The three things are that Paul was a creator of dissension, a ringleader of a sect of Nazerites and that he profaned the temple. The first two, the way that they are worded, were punishable under Roman law but the last one there was no Roman law against.

Q4) In verse 7, whom did Tertullus and the Jews try to make look bad?

Discussion) The commander Lysias. Notice how neither Tertullus nor the Jews mentioned that the Pharisees and Sadducees fought with each other and that Lysias took Paul away from him by force. They left the part out where they were in the wrong. Not only were lies being spread by these people against Paul but also half-truths were being spread.

Q5) Why didn’t Felix let Paul answer for himself in verse 10?

Clues) This was the trick question. Felix let Paul answer for himself.

Discussion) Paul was to answer for himself. Notice how he sticks up for himself but does not respond in kind to the accusations. Paul just states that he did not do anything wrong and says that no one can prove anything that they accused him of.

Q6) How many days had it been since Paul first worshiped in Jerusalem?

Discussion) It had been 12 days according to verse 11.

LIFE APPLICATION: If we are accused or attacked as Christians, why do you suppose this happens? What should we do?

Discussion) It was talked about that we are not to respond in kind back to them. We are to respond in love and above the circumstance. As a foretaste of future lessons, we discussed that if Paul had demanded his rights as a Roman citizen, he would not have been used to bring Felix into a crossroads in his life, which we will discuss in the next lesson.


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