Acts 24:14-26 – April 8, 2007

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Each study will have an error in one of the questions. It is our duty as believers to test everything that we read or hear with the Bible. So this will be a mini exercise in testing what is being said in class.

Q1) In verses 14 and 15 Paul admits he is a follower and worshiper of what, and he believes in what?

Discussion)    Paul admits that he is a worshiper and follower of the God of the Jews (Jehovah) and that he believes all the things that are written in the Law and the Prophets, which is everything that the Pharisees believe in also.  He also believes in the Way, which is Jesus Christ and His death, burial, and resurrection. 

Q2) Study verse 17. Why did Paul come to Jerusalem? What might be some other reasons Paul came to Jerusalem?

Discussion)    Paul came to Jerusalem to offer alms (money contributions) from the fledgling churches to his nation.  In the offerings part it should be included that he offered up to others the most important thing, that being of Jesus Christ.

Q3) According to verse 18, these are Jews from Rome, who accused Paul of defiling the temple, causing disorders and preaching blasphemy.

Clues)   This is the trick question.  It was the Jews from Asia.

Discussion)    Notice here that Paul interjects that the Jews from Asia were the ones that started this, so he questions to Felix of why aren’t they there to raise these accusations that they had.

Q4) In verse 22, the Word says that Felix had a better knowledge of the Way. If he isn’t a practicing Jew, how could he know about the Mosaic Law and the Jewish customs?

Discussion)    We find that his wife was a Jew.  Also he had been a governor for some time, so he knew about the Mosaic Law and what the Jewish customs were, so no one could try to trick him.

Q5) Who, according to verse 22, did Felix want to hear from?

Discussion)    Instead of passing judgment, Felix wanted to hear from Lysias the commander, since the Jews raised a point in verse 7 that he was violent in the way that he took Paul from them.   So he had Paul put under house arrest but with freedom to have people come to him and provide and minister to him.  Just put yourself in the shoes of the Pharisees.  Someone whom you had conspired against to kill is put under the most lenient arrest that there is.  The Pharisees were probably extremely upset but they did not question the rule of Felix or they would have to answer with their lives.

Q6) What is exciting yet sad about verses 24-26?

Discussion)    Instead of questioning Paul about what he had done during this dispute, Felix wanted to know more about the faith in Christ.  This was the time for Paul to minister to Felix and tell him about Jesus Christ and His death, burial, and resurrection.  Paul started to talk about things such as righteousness, self-control, and judgment, which are contrary to what Felix had done which was taking a bribe.  This pricked Felix’s heart, but yet he continued to have different sessions with Paul to talk to him about Jesus.

LIFE APPLICATION: There are millions of dishonest, corrupt, people like Felix in the world today. They hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ but haven’t accepted Jesus as their Savior – they are more interested in money, status, things, etc. How should our hearts be towards them and waht can we do for them, as Paul did for Felix?

Discussion)    Paul showed love to Felix.  Unlike John the Baptist who condemned Herod in his sin of marrying his sister-in-law, Paul showed love and mercy to Felix and met him where he was at, just like Jesus meets us where we are at.  


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