Acts 28:11-31 – June 10, 2007

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PAUL ARRIVES AT ROME (verses 11-16) and SOME JEWS BELIEVE AND SOME DO NOT (verses 17-29) and PAUL PREACHES AND TEACHES (verses 30-31)

Each study will have an error in one of the questions. It is our duty as believers to test everything that we read or hear with the Bible. So this will be a mini exercise in testing what is being said in class.

Q1) Verse 14 says that Paul encountered brethren in Puteoli. Why do you think they were allowed to stay with those brethren for seven days?

Discussion)    Not much is known about this, though it is known that Puteoli is a place of great import and exports.   One could surmise that the owner of the ship had to explain to the traders why the cargo of wheat did not make it to port here.  Also we talked about verse 11 in how that everyone on the ship stayed on Malta for three months since it was winter and no one was sailing.

Q2) In verse 15 says that we thanked God and took courage. Why do you think they are getting excited here?

Discussion)    Paul was excited because it had been 2 1/2 years since he was told he would be going to Rome by God and he was very close to Rome.  Also Paul was excited because he is able to minister to many brethren.

Q3) When they arrived in Rome, Paul, Luke and the other prisoners were taken to the prison and put in separate cells! Why?

Clues)    This is the trick question.

Discussion)    The other prisoners were hauled off to jail whereas Paul was put under house arrest.  We talked about how sure we are that the guards who were watching Paul more than likely heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I am sure that many of them came to know Jesus.  Even though Paul was a prisoner they saw that not only did Paul talk the talk but he also walked the walk.

Q4) In verse 17-20, Paul goes over his case with the Chief of the Jews, the most distinguished man of that religion. What does it mean in verse 20, for the hope of Israel, I am bound in chains?

Discussion)    The hope of Israel is Jesus Christ.  He is also the hope for every other nation and the rest of the world and humanity.

Q5) The chief Jews respond to Paul in verse 21-22. What was their response?

Discussion)    Their response is that they never received any letters from Judea about Paul but they had heard about Paul and nothing was bad.  They also heard about Christianity and that many have spoken against it.  Here we see the seeds of what is to come.  We know that hindsight is 20/20 and that we are now in Rome.  Notice that the Jews state that many have spoken against Christianity.  These are the seeds that Rome and its emperors will soon come against Christians and start throwing them against lions, bulls, and bears in the coliseums. 

Q6) What negative things about the chief Jews do we see in verses 25 and 29 that we have seen before in Acts?

Discussion)    They go out and have disputes about Jesus.  They were smart here and did not start disputing with Paul under house arrest lest they be arrested themselves.  Instead they go out and start disputing and bickering.

Q7) In verse 30, Paul spent 2 years in bonds in his own quarters. While imprisoned for these two years, did he just sit around feeling sorry for himself, or become lazy and lay around?

Discussion)    Far from it.  Instead Paul told everyone who came near him about Jesus and what Jesus did for each one of us.

LIFE APPLICATION: When we are imprisoned or persecuted for speaking about Jesus, how can we redeem the time?

Discussion)    Just like Paul we can tell others about Jesus no matter where we are.  Even if you are a shut-in you can tell others about Jesus over the phone, through mail, e-mail, or even over the internet.  God can use any type of communication means to have His message spread.


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Acts 27:39-28:10 – June 3, 2007 Romans 1:1-15 – June 17, 2007

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