Romans 1:16-32 – June 24, 2007

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THE GOSPEL IS THE POWER OF GOD (verse 16-17) and GOD WILL JUDGE SIN (verses 18-32)

Each study will have an error in one of the questions. It is our duty as believers to test everything that we read or hear with the Bible. So this will be a mini exercise in testing what is being said in class.

We did not finish question 6 nor the life application from last week.

Q6) Paul declares he is not ready to preach in Rome yet! He needs more time to prepare and to pray and fast. Why?

Clues)    This is the trick question.  Paul declares he is ready to preach the gospel in Rome.

Discussion)    Paul wants to preach the gospel in Rome and anywhere else.  He did not have to go to a conference or go out in a group.  He went as was directed by the Lord.

LIFE APPLICATION: How can we help someone (other believers) that are in hard situations to go forward for the Lord as Paul is doing in this lesson?

Discussion)    We talked about how Paul showed us in the first part of Romans that we need to be a debtor to men.  Jesus paid a debt that we could never repay.  Instead Jesus wants us to be concerned with the souls of others.

Q1) What and where does the power of God come from?

Discussion)    The power of God comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The power does not come in other form or from any other person.  If someone claims it does then it has deception involved in it.  

Q2) Read Habakkuk 2:4 then read Romans 1:17. What is the one way in which a Christian should live?

Discussion)    By faith.  Here Paul is laying a foundation that the power we get come from the gospel of Jesus Christ and that the righteousness of God is revealed by when we live in faith in God.  Here Paul makes a compelling case that we have given our souls over to Jesus for salvation and that is through faith.  So shouldn’t we also give the rest of our lives over to Jesus through faith.  We gave over eternity to Jesus so why not the here and now?

We also talked about verse 18 and 19 that many places in the Old Testament speaks on the wrath of God being revealed from heaven against ungodliness, such as those that were swallowed by the earth that opposed Moses, Noah and the ark, and Lot and Sodom and Gomorrah.  These examples speak that God will not strive with man all the time.  There are times where man goes to far in his fleshly lusts. 

Q3) What does verse 20 mean?

Discussion)    All the world that God made is in perfect order and that each creation speaks about its Creator, except for mankind.  Man was the only creation that has a free-will whereas everything else was made by God and shows that each creation (except for man) praises God in its own way.

We also talked about verse 21 in that we all have a hole in our souls that is God shaped sized that only God (through Jesus) can fill.  This is a foundation that is being laid in Romans and will be fully explained in Chapter 2 by Paul so we won’t go into much detail here.

 Q4) Verse 22-25 only applied to back then in those times and is not for today. Please explain.

Clues)    This was the trick question.  These verses apply to us today.

Discussion)    There was much discussion about how we can have idols today.  We may not have them carved out of wood or stone, but it is anything or anyone that we hold in higher regard or esteem than Jesus Christ.  It might be money, our job, a title, a spouse, children, ministers, musicians, entertainers, sports figures, politicians, or even ourselves.  Whatever it is that takes the place of Jesus for our affection is an idol.

We then covered verses 26-27 but not in much detail.  We know that this section speaks of homosexuality and lesbianism and there wasn’t much discussion on this.

Q5) In verse 28, what does reprobate mean?

Discussion)    Someone looked up reprobate and there were many definitions of this word.  One scary definition is abandonment by God.  God says that He will woo a person back to Himself so many times and after that He will no longer do this.  That is a scary place to be in.  

We then briefly touched on verses 29-31 and see that this could be considered a list of the fruit of the flesh.  We can even see these things that are going on in churches today which is extremely sad.

Q6) Why would one approve and find pleasure in someone else’s sin?

Discussion)    We talked a little about this.  It is in the same way that when we deal with our children they seem to say that everyone else is doing it so they should be able to.  This is a human condition that when I compare my sin to someone else’s, then my sin looks a lot smaller so therefore I must be better in the eyes of God.  God doesn’t work that way.  To Him sin is sin.

LIFE APPLICATION: In light of today’s lesson, when we are sharing the Gospel and someone says, “Well, if God is truly a God of love, He wouldn’t create a hell and send people there, because they sin – He is nto a fair God, it isn’t fair that little children are sick and die, etc.” How can we answer them in a loving manner?

Discussion)    We need to let people know that what happens on earth God allows since He has given man free will.  We do not want to serve a dictator and in the same way God does not want a bunch of robots.  He wants someone who will pursue Him and we want a merciful God, in which God is famous for making something beautiful out of something broken.


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