Romans 4:16-25 – August 5, 2007

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Each study will have an error in one of the questions. It is our duty as believers to test everything that we read or hear with the Bible. So this will be a mini exercise in testing what is being said in class.

Q1) Verse 16 talks about “the promise”. What is the promise and who does it include?

Discussion)    The promise is that of Jesus Christ to redeem us and sanctify us.  Personally for Abraham it was the promise that he would be the father of many nations.  Notice that at the end of verse 16 that Paul states that this promise includes those who are under the law (the Jews) and those who are of the faith of Abraham (the Gentiles).

Q2) Read Genesis 17:5-7 and Isaiah 51:2. Romans 4:17 says God made Abraham a father of many nations. In Genesis 12:1 he represents the father of the Hebrews. Here in Romans 4 he is recalled as an individual. Most other places in the Bible he represents the entire people of Israel, but he especially represents those people who have done one particular thing. What thing? (Galatians 3:6-9 will help with the answer).

Discussion)  This thing that he represents is faith that is counted as righteousness.  If we read verses 16-22 we see the breakdown of what the faith that Abraham had and why it is counted to him as righteousness.  He had faith in God when God said that he would be the father of many nations.  He did not waver even though he was old and his wife had her womb stopped and she was well past the years of childbearing.  He did not waver, even though he could of easily wavered.  It was mentioned that due to this faith that Abraham developed in the years of waiting that when he was asked to sacrifice Isaac, that it might have been no big deal, since God could allow Sarah to get pregnant again, though the thought of being asked to give up your only child in sacrifice (though he did not sacrifice Isaac) is a hard test to pass.

Q3) Sometimes when it seems like God’s promises have failed us, what is it that has failed?

Discussion)    God does not fail, it is man that fails.  God cannot and will not fail else He would not be God.  He comes in at times that we least expect to prove His majesty and worthiness to be considered God.

Q4) According to verses 23-24 Paul wrote about Abraham’s faith as an example specifically for the Jews – to encourage them. Why just the Jews here?

Clues)    This was the trick question.

Discussion)    Abraham’s faith is a great example to all people from every tribe, nation, and tongue.  All of us can consider Abraham our father in the faith due to the example of faith that he had in God.

Q5) According to verse 24 Paul uses a verb to show us continuation (shall be imputed). What shall be imputed to us and what does it mean?

Discussion)    Faith shall be imputed (or redeemed) or given to us by Jesus.  

Q6) In verse 25 what does Paul put the emphasis on and why?

Discussion)    Paul puts the emphasis on Jesus who was delivered up for us due to our sins and raised because of our justification.  Jesus Christ paid the price in His death, burial, and resurrection so that I might have faith in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit (the great Trinity).  It is not about any one of us but all about what Jesus did in His sacrifice.

LIFE APPLICATION: Read Titus 2:9-10. Most people we live and work with rely on promises at certain times – people promise to stand behind their products, and people promise to love us unconditionally and don’t, people promise to pay for loans and sometimes don’t, etc. Why is it so important as a child of God to keep our word when we give it?

Discussion)    It is so very important because we are ambassadors of God.  God keeps His promises and since we are ambassadors, we represent God to the world.  It is important that we keep our promises.  As a side note for the scripture reference here, we need to be sure that we do not use our job as a soapbox to convert people and spend all of our time praying and preaching for others (unless your job is that of a preacher or minister).  There is a bad movement going around that people get jobs and are being paid to do work but they are busy telling others about Christ and not being honest with their employers and doing their work.  We need to let our actions speak louder than our mouths.  There are many managers that will not hire Christians because of this.


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