Romans 5:12-21 – August 19, 2007

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Each study will have an error in one of the questions. It is our duty as believers to test everything that we read or hear with the Bible. So this will be a mini exercise in testing what is being said in class.

Q1) This study is a contrast of Abraham and Jesus. How did Abraham bring sin and death to the world?

Clues)    This is the trick question.  It is a study in contrast of Adam and Jesus.

Discussion)    Adam brought about sin and death to the world by his eating of one of the forbidden trees in the Garden of Eden.  We talked about verses 12 and 13 of how Paul is leading up to the study between Adam and Jesus in that he shows that through Adam all of us are born with a sinful nature and bodies.

Q2) Verse 14 tells us that death reigned from Adam to Moses. What does this prove to us?

Discussion)    In verses 14 – 16 Paul is showing us that through Adam to Moses that death reigned.  Even though there was not the law yet and Jesus had not come to earth to die for our sins, that people were still living lives that were not pleasing to God.  Paul chose (through being inspired by the Holy Spirit) that he mentions from Adam to Moses to show that this is before there was the law.  This way the Jewish people or those under the law could not get hung up on stating that the law saves people. 

We hit on one thing in verse 16.  Notice how it states that through on offense from Adam we are all under condemnation.  It would be logical to state that through one act that Jesus performed (that of dying on the cross) that we would be justified.  Instead Paul states that the free gift of salvation came through many offenses.  This is to say that the love of God towards humans was so great that Christ came and took the place of all the sins of mankind. 

Q3) Verse 17 talks about how death reigns because of Adam, but because of Jesus we can have the gift of righteousness and the abundance of grace. What does the Word say we must do to have these things?

Discussion)    According to verse 17 we must RECEIVE the free gift in order to have these things.  Notice that the free gift is salvation that is provided by Jesus Christ.   This dovetails with the last answer in the last question.  Through faith we receive the free gift of salvation.  We also talked about Enoch and Abraham in how they were around before the law and they had sinned.  Both were just and upright men not because of what the did but because they readily received from God and believed.  How much more have we received from God today so how much more should we believe today.

Q4) Read II Timothy 2:12 then re-read verse 17. What does it mean to reign in life by Jesus? Does that mean it’s only for heaven or also for here and now?

Discussion)    To reign in life by Jesus means to live with hope during our life that Jesus has the answer for us and that through Him we can surmount any issues or trials that come up.  Whether we are persecuted or not we currently are seated in heavenly places.  This means that it is for the here and now.

Q5) In verse 20, why would the Lord allow the law to enter so that transgressions might abound and increase?

Discussion)    The law entered so God could show His heart and what He considered righteousness and what He considered sin.  This was an eye-opener so that humans could see what we should or should not be doing.

Q6) In verse 20, the Word also mentions that grace might much more abound. What does this mean in contrast to question #5?

Discussion)    This means that when we realize what is sin that God has more grace for us than we have sin.  This means that we are not under a three strikes and you are out policy but that God is patient towards us and knows we are weak and made of dust.

LIFE APPLICATION: After studying these verses why should believers be completely free of guilt, fear, despair, shame, performance, etc.? What is the stumbling block to our complete freedom?

Discussion)    We should be completely free since Jesus paid for it all.  The stumbling block is pride, the devil tells us we can’t or makes us feel guilty or afraid.  We need to realize in our head and heart who we are in Christ and that He has overcome the world and through Jesus we are join-heirs with Him.


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