Romans 8:9-17 – September 30, 2007

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Each study will have an error in one of the questions. It is our duty as believers to test everything that we read or hear with the Bible. So this will be a mini exercise in testing what is being said in class

Q1) Read verses 9-11. How does God bring a certainty to our hearts that we are guaranteed resurrection and eternal glory if we belong to Him?

Discussion)    God brings a certainty to our hearts in the fact that Jesus Christ raised from the dead and He dwells in each of those in whom the Holy Spirit dwells.  Due to the fact that Jesus raised from the dead we have the hope and guarantee that we will put on immortal bodies (because of Jesus) after we die.

Q2) According to verses 12 and 13 what are we under obligation to do?

Discussion)    We are under obligation to live according to the Holy Spirit and not the flesh.

Q3) If we are to rely totally on the Holy Spirit to live out our lives as holy, then what does verse 13 say we must do on our own towards that goal?

Discussion)    It says that we mus put to death the deeds of the body.  We talked about there are times where we are not sinning and we do what is good, but if we are not listening to God, we have shortchanged ourselves since we may not be doing what is best, but only what is good.

Q4) Verses 14 and 16 declares we are the sons and daughters of God. According to these verses, what manifests itself in our lives as proof that we belong to the Father?

Discussion)    What manifests in us is the Spirit of God and that is proof enough that we belong to God.  That is more proof than a piece of paper (birth certificate) claiming that we were born to two humans.

Q5) The Spirit of adoption as described in verse 15 means that we can only be adopted by God if we are orphans on the earth in our physical lives. Explain what God means by adoption.

Clues)  This is the trick question.

Discussion)    Every person on this earth can go through the adoption talked about here because it is a spiritual adoption that will then encompass all facets of our being.

Q6) Why does Paul use the words “Abba, Father” in verse 15, when the word Abba means Father in Aramaic? It would read “Father, Father”. Why would He say the word twice?

Discussion)    There was much discussion on this.  It is just like when a child is either excited, frightened, in pain, or any other emotion, they will say papa, papa, papa, or mama, mama, mama over and over.  It is not a one time thing done with religious piety to prove our holiness.  It is something that is said in extreme closeness to an authority figure with love, such as a child would have for their parents.

LIFE APPLICATION: When an earthly child is adopted, they learn to adapt to their new environment. The same occurs with spiritual adoption. Why does it take more time for some believers than others to adapt to their spiritual adoption?

Discussion)    It is based upon the core being of the flesh and what the person has walked through.  A person may have no problem because they have a good relationship with their parents and had no traumas in their lives.  Or they could have extreme problems due to much abuse, distrust, and bad relationships.


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