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Romans 12:1-13 – December 2, 2007


Each study will have an error in one of the questions. It is our duty as believers to test everything that we read or hear with the Bible. So this will be a mini exercise in testing what is being said in class.

Q1) Read Romans 6:13 and Romans 16:19. How can we present our bodies as living and holy sacrifices to God as verse 1 says? Does this mean this occurs only in our spiritual life or more than that?

Discussion)    We took the last question first.  This means that this occurs in every part of our lives, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  With that being said, we present our bodies as living and holy sacrifices to God from abstaining from sin and presenting every part of our bodies to God every day.

Q2) In verse 2 Paul says to be transformed and do not conform. What does this mean? Contrast transform versus conform. See also I Peter 4:2.

Discussion)  To conform means to fall in line with the worldly view whether right or wrong.  To be transformed means to be continually changed to the image of Christ.  This is a process and not a one time deal.  We talked about the toys called Transformers that were popular a couple of decades ago.  The were toys that were cars, buildings, etc., that when the person playing with them move around parts they transformed into robots that you could play with.  You could not do this instantaneously but one part depended upon another part.  In the same way, we are not transformed instantaneously but it is a process of one part being done upon another.

Q3) Read verse 3 then read Romans 11:18 and Romans 12:1-2. What does this speak about a believer’s position in the body of Christ?

Discussion)    This position is one of humility.  We will be talking greatly about humility for the next couple of weeks.

Q4) In verses 4-8, Paul talks about who makes up the body of Christ and explains that we all have different gifts and that we should use these gifts accordingly. He even explains HOW to use the gifts!! Why is this vitally important within the church?

Discussion)    We do not all have one position in the church.  Instead we all have a separate function that we must do in the church.  I brought up the fact that my wife is sick and this disease that she is going through deals with the microscopic hairs in the small intestine.  When one part of the human body goes bad it causes the whole body to be out of commission.

Q5) Read I Corinthians 12:20 and 27. Verse 5 says we are members one of another. Describe what this means.

Discussion)    This means that whatever happens to one part of the body happens to the whole body.  We can divorce ourselves from our body.  I shared how in football during a game I sprang my little toe.  I was screaming on the sidelines at my little toe.  The rest of my body wanted to play in the trenches of the football game, but I could not push off with that foot because of my little toe.  

We might have a role within the church that very few people see, but without that role it might make the whole body crumble.

Q6) According to verses 3-8, God expects each of us to serve the church, the body of Christ with great zeal and pride that lets everyone know what we do. Why?

Clues)    This is the trick question.

Discussion)    We need to do things quietly and with humility.  We know that the Lord gives different mantles to different people based upon what He wants them to do.  I believe that if you live a life of humility that this is the greatest mantle in heaven.  Since Christ came to earth in humility and taught wholly about humility that this is the greatest thing that Christians can attain.  I believe that it will open doors in heaven that other gifts and mantles cannot open.  I also believe that these doors are not doors that angels can open but that they can only wait until a believer that lives a life of humility opens that they may go through.

LIFE APPLICATION: Write down some areas mentioned in this passage that need work in your own life – pray with the group about them – ask God for them- He will deal bountifully with thee! (Psalm 13:6 and Psalm 143:7)

Discussion)    This life application question is one that is between you and the Lord.


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