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IT – Anitspyware Program

Spyware!  These critters are more deadly to a computer than viruses.  They will cripple a computer to the point that it is no longer usable.  We had to find a good antispyware program that would not be a memory hog to any of the business computers that we use.  After much testing we found that CounterSpy was a fantastic antispyware program that was not a memory hog and worked beautifully in deleting all types of spyware.  The link for CounterSpy is


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IT – Antivirus Program

Viruses! These critters are a horrible thing that all IT people must deal with. After much testing we have discovered that both Norton Antivirus programs and McAfee programs have in essence become memory hogs. This is where an application starts using more memory on your computer than what is normal and causes your computer to slow down.

We had to find an antivirus program that is compatible with all the business applications that we use and one that will not be a memory hog. It was chosen to use AVG antivirus. AVG has a network version that can be found at and they also have a free home version that can be found at

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IT – Kentrox T1 Routers

We had to switch over to a different type of T1 router for our remote locations, since American Technologies no longer sells the Emerald routers.  We chose the Q2200 Kentrox routers that seem to do a very nice job.

One different thing about these routers is that you must setup a peer-to-peer VPN with encryption and handshaking on each router in order to pass traffic.  This is the same concept that Cisco routers uses, but was not an available feature in the older T1 routers.

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IT – IE7 & Stedman’s Dictionary


One of my clients had a problem where half of her Stedman’s Medical Dictionary words ended up missing in both Word and Wordperfect. After doing some detective work, we found that the words were there, but would not show up in any word processor.
I found out that she had installed IE7. I uninstalled IE7, rebooted the computer, and viola, all medical words in this dictionary were now functional.
Makes me wonder how many items are non-functional or partially functional due to IE7.
I personally will only use Firefox.

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